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Installing OpenBSD on OVH's VPS with KVM interface.This page was last modified on 13 Feb 2018.

0 - Prerequisites

1 - OpenBSD Download

The trick that allows you to install Openbsd on OVH's VPS - with the KVM interface - is to use the ramdisk kernel (bsd.rd).

So, download it. With wget, aria2c or ftp, connected with SSH on your VPS, login as root:

# cd /tmp/ 
# wget
# mv /tmp/bsd.rd /

The ramdisk kernel is sitting at the root of the filesystem.

2 - Preparing GRUB menu

We have to configure GRUB to boot on the ramdisk kernel, so edit /etc/grub.d/40_custom.

menuentry "OpenBSD" { 
   set root=(hd0,msdos1)
   kopenbsd /bsd.rd

To be sure of having time to choose "OpenBSD" on boot, we can change the timeout option in the GRUB config file /etc/default/grub:


Don't forget to update the actual GRUB config with:

# update-grub

3 - Reboot into ramdisk kernel

This step must be done through the OVH's VPS KVM, on the interface web.
Once the KVM console is open, reboot your Debian VPS.
Select the OpenBSD menu in GRUB and install it.